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Sproud: “We Believe Plant Milk Will Acquire 50% of the Milk Market Share in Ten Years”

It’s day three of our celebratory series about the wonderful world of plant milks, leading up to World Plant Milk Day this Saturday 22nd. Our second brand today is the delectable Sproud. Here we see how Sproud is celebrating and how the company envisions the future of the milk industry.

Sproud began in 2018 in Malmo, Sweden. Its milks are made with peas and are incredibly shelf-stable; they do not need refrigeration until they are opened, and can remain unopened for up to a year. As well as Sweden, the brand can be found in the UK, Canada, and the USA.

Its Original pea milk is the closest in flavour to animal milk and goes well with cereals, smoothies, coffee, and tea. Sproud Barista has been developed by Swedish “world-known coffee art champions”; the company claims it is perfect to foam, neutral, very creamy, and “lets coffee taste like coffee”. There’s also Sproud Unsweetened, which contains no sugar, and Sproud Chocolate, which is very chocolatey and less than 5% sugar.

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We spoke to Maria Tegman, Global Brand Director for Sproud, to ask for her thoughts on World Plant Milk Day. She told us: “Of course, this is something we celebrate! We believe that Sproud is the closest to cow’s milk you can find on the market and for World Plant Milk Day, we are definitely encouraging people to take the 7-day dairy-free challenge to feel great.”

Sproud is a bold brand, so we asked Maria how she envisages the milk market developing in the next ten years.

“I believe that plant milk will acquire 50% [of the milk market share] in ten years. Sproud will acquire the number 2 position in plant-based milk since we taste good, have less sugar, contain no artificial ingredients, and have a low carbon footprint.” (Peas take much less water to produce than almonds, for example.)

And finally, we asked Maria if she would like to share anything with our readers.

“Milk is a big part of the world’s food consumption,” she said.”By shifting to Sproud, you can contribute to a better future.”

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