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Sternlife Responds to Huge Market Potential in Bars and Shakes

Sales revenues of organic foods in Europe continue to rise, and in particular, trend categories like protein bars and shakes are also growing steadily. Sternlife, a German manufacturer of functional nutrition products, says that the “growing demand for organic products is becoming more and more obvious in health and fitness-related categories.”

SternLife is one of the leading suppliers of functional lifestyle and sports nutrition products. The company develops exclusive organic product lines for major brands, using raw materials including pea, rice, hemp, sunflower and pumpkin.

SternLife_Sample organic bars with their ingredients(1)

With regard to the organic market, few organic offerings exist, and demand is rising rapidly. SternLife has therefore developed a wide selection of concepts for the entire range of bars, from Pure to Deluxe. In the powder category, customers can have SternLife create custom organic shakes for different target groups and occasions, working from a wide portfolio of raw materials. Powders can be conventional or vegan; the vegan powders can contain up to 60 % protein while meeting all sensory requirements.

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