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Sunfed Meats Expand to Australia With Cult Product Chicken-Free Chicken

In response to huge customer demand, Sunfed Meats’ highly popular Chicken Free Chicken is launching into Australia nationwide through leading supermarket chain Coles, and will be available to purchase in store and online from Friday 21 June.

Sunfed’s mission is to empower consumers with real choices for their protein, and offer and option that is clean, lean and has a meatlike taste and texture. Its cult product Chicken Free Chicken was a sell-out success when it launched into New Zealand supermarkets and it is said that the product feels and tastes like chicken meat but without any animal involvement.

While other companies have focused on patties and red meat, Shama Sukul Lee, Sunfed Founder & CEO, wanted to start with creating an alternative to the most consumed meat on the planet, chicken. “We challenged ourselves to a high bar of not making a patty, but a whole piece of fleshy meat with long succulent fibers that would be a good replacement to boneless skinless chicken breast pieces. We also wanted it to be just as versatile, so it had to work easily with existing chicken recipes,” says Shama Lee.

Sunfed Chicken Free Chicken 02
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The company claims to boast the “most minimalist ingredient deck on the global market” with the use of premium yellow peas, offering what they say is a “superior nutritional profile with naturally double the protein of chicken and triple the iron of beef.” The chicken product is non-allergenic and contains no gluten or soy, is cholesterol free, trans fat free, and a source of dietary fibre.

“For too long, we have been taught that when you scale out a system, exploitation of resources is a natural part of that. The world is full of examples of big corporations that are destroying the planet, which includes all the animal protein companies […]
It’s time to change the game. Sunfed is a highly scalable regenerative protein company that can feed the whole word without damage. It will use its scale to invigorate, and not exploit; to energise and not disempower, to add value and not just take.

“Just like we’re evolving from fossil fuels to solar, we need to evolve from animals to plants. That’s what Sunfed is building – the next evolution of protein that is cleaner and better to ensure a brighter future for all. Food is the largest market in the world with the biggest footprint on the planet, transformation here will be significant.”

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