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Thai Meat Giant CP Foods Partners with San Francisco’s Lypid to Make Vegan Fat

Thai pork and poultry giant CP Foods has joined forces with US vegan fat startup Lypid. The San Francisco-based food tech develops vegan fat with an animal fat mouthfeel to increase the authenticity of plant-based meats. 

Having launched its popular MEAT ZERO vegan range, CP Foods has been investing more and more into the plant-based sphere. Its latest partnership with Lypid came about as the food-tech startup won the recent Asia-Pacific Agri-Food Innovation Summit in Singapore. 


CP Foods expects to start the commercial phase of this collaboration in the next two years. Having sold over 4 million units since its launch, CP Foods entered the Singapore market recently with alt meat brand MEAT ZERO. The company also works closely with ProVeg Asia to incubate future food tech startups in SouthEast Asia. 

Vegan Fat 

With food techs around the world identifying fat as the key to taste in the alt protein sphere, Lypid develops all-natural, trans-free fats, with a rich “meaty” mouthfeel. It is not just plant-based fats that are in high demand, but also cultivated fats are in development in the segment, with fellow Californian startup Mission Barns recently producing a plant protein sausage using cultivated animal fat. 

“Lypid’s vagan fat will create a better experience for consumers,” said Dr.Lalana Thiranusornkit, senior vice president for Food Innovation and New Product Development of CP Foods. 



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