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UK: Juicy Marbles Announces Long-Term Filet Mignon Deal with Waitrose

Whole-cut vegan steak producer Juicy Marbles announces it has secured a long-term supply deal with Waitrose for its Thick-Cut Filet — considered the industry’s first plant-based filet mignon. 

“Our customers went wild for Juicy Marbles steaks”

Juicy Marbles’ steaks have been available at Waitrose since April in a two-piece package at £9 — a lower price than comparable beef steaks. The product’s sales have performed “exceptionally well” in the first few weeks of the permanent run, increasing 83% since its launch in April, explained the Slovenian company.

Catherine Shacklock, Vegan Buyer at Waitrose, said: “Our customers went wild for Juicy Marbles steaks last month and have been anticipating their return with searches on for the plant-based alternative not showing any signs of slowing down.”

juicy marbles product
© Waitrose

Fastest-ever selling

The partnership follows a successful first-for-all trial. Juicy Marbles launched in Waitrose for the first time in February as part of the supermarket’s Valentine’s Day Meal Deal. And Waitrose became the first UK supermarket to list Juicy Marbles’ filet mignon.

Juicy Marbles said it was one of the supermarket’s fastest-ever selling plant-based products, running out of stock in four days. Despite being part of a deal, almost 40% were sold as standalone items, indicating a substantial demand for the product. Until this trial, the company has been shipping limited releases of its products for customers and food service on a DTC basis across Europe and the US.

According to Waitrose, as vegan product demand is soaring over 100% (for key vegan items), it is trying to ensure customers with access to an adequate selection of plant-based products.

Juicy Marbels secures a long term deal for its filet mignon at Waitrose
Image credit: Juicy Marbles FB

Mr. Marbles 

Known for creating the world’s first marbled plant-based steak and the largest piece plant-muscle ever conceived, Juicy Marbles has been expanding in the UK, where it launched its whole-cut beef-style loin last December.

Since its launch in 2021, Juicy Marbles has consistently enjoyed success with its plant-based whole cuts that are not lab-grown or 3D printed but made with its special grinder and layering machine (and fats from Swedish company Mycorena?).

Its products were ranked among the Top 100 Products of 2022 by Gear Patrol and were the #1 pick of 2022 by VegNews’ Finer Things Club. 

Luka Sinček, co-founder of Juicy Marbles, said: “Mr. Marbles will be pleased to see the introduction of Juicy Marbles’ steaks in Waitrose, one of the UK’s most respected supermarkets. After flying the flag for romantic meals in February, Juicy Marbles steaks are now readily available in the UK for everything from last-minute solo dinners to looming family meal prep and wild dinner parties with friends.” 

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