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USA: Delivery Service for Vegan Dishes is Expanding

Veestro, the US delivery service for vegan dishes, has been successfully operating for several years. Now, the company has announced expansion plans to meet the high demand for convenient, fast, and healthy food.

Veestro initially operated a 3,500-foot kitchen for three years, which was subsequently expanded to a 20,000-foot kitchen in downtown Los Angeles to improve production and sales. The company currently operates a catering service for businesses in Los Angeles and intends to expand its services nationwide in the near future.

Mark Fachler founded Veestro in 2013, after struggling with health and weight problems and struggling to find a range of products that seemed healthy enough. Shortly thereafter he received support from his sister Monica Klausner. At that time, the company was not yet fully vegan.

The siblings revealed that they had tried vegan dishes from the “Blue Apron” cookbox delivery service, but did not find it practical enough. Due to an increasing awareness of the positive effects of vegan nutrition on the environment, the entrepreneurs decided to offer purely plant-based products and dishes themselves.

This decision is not surprising, considering that the siblings grew up in Costa Rica with homemade plant-based food. “We mainly ate things made with plants, vegetables and pulses. We were used to this kind of food and we wanted to go back to our roots,” they say.

They have created a range of products that is not just intended for people who eat vegan. “It doesn’t matter if you only eat vegan a few times a week. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing; it can be a combination. Eating is a pleasure and you should enjoy it,” says Monika Klausner.

With the ever-increasing vegan trend, the range of products on offer in many food segments is also increasing. In addition to Veestro, other delivery services such as “Freshiez” or “Katie’s Nuttery” are also establishing themselves, which show that there is still enormous sales potential here.

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