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Veg of Lund Secures Swedish Patent Protection for “Unique” Potato Ice Cream

Swedish plant-based foods company Veg of Lund — DUG Drinks’ parent company — announces new patent approval for a “unique” ice cream that combines potatoes, rapeseed oil, and a vegetable protein emulsion.  

This ice cream patent protection covers only the Swedish market. Still, the company says it has filed applications to secure international protection as well.

Professor Eva Tornberg, founder and chairman of the board at Veg of Lund, commented: “We are pleased that a patent is approved in Sweden. The fact it is based on such an everyday crop as potatoes shows the uniqueness and strength of the patent.”

DUG's potato smoothie

Veg of Lund’s patent portfolio

Eva Tornberg founded Veg of Lund in 2016, inspired by the potential of potatoes as a sustainable protein source for plant-based foods. These tubers’ amino acid profile equals that of eggs, with the benefit of being free from the 14 most common allergens.

After research, Tornberg developed and patented a heat-stable production method to make a potato and rapeseed oil emulsion for its innovative products, including the DUG drink. Besides the production method, Veg of Lund formulas and recipes seek patent protection to extend and commercialize its alt dairy offer.

DUG launched in 2021 in Sweden and the UK. Veg of Lund is now listed on the Swedish stock market as a Swedish food technology company rooted in science and research at the prestigious Lund University.

In 2022, the company launched a new potato product in Sweden, DUG Smoothie, to expand its dairy alternatives range. Its formula also has a Swedish patent. 

At the beginning of the year, Veg of Lund received a patent for the improved recipe of its award-winning drink DUG in Sweden and Europe. DUG is awaiting patent approval in Australia, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, and the US. 

Fredrik Carling CEO DUG
CEO Fredrik Carling © DUG / Veg of Lund

The ice cream segment

The company intends to expand its range of plant-based dairy products sold under the DUG brand. Fredrik Carling, CEO of DUG, revealed in a recent interview with vegconomist NPDs using the company’s patented potato-powered emulsion, planned to reach consumers in 2023.

“Just as we did for 2022, we’ve started 2023 with a bang. Earlier this month we announced the launch of DUG in 496 stores of the leading premium Swiss supermarket chain Migros. And we anticipate this will be one of a number of international launches this year, so watch this space…

“We are also working on new product development projects in the meat alternative segment and the ice-cream segment, both of which will be based on our patented potato-powered emulsion,” said Carling.

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