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Veg of Lund Applies for Swedish Patent for Plant-Based Meat Alternative

Veg of Lund — a Swedish company best known for its potato-based alt milk brand, DUG — has applied for a Swedish patent for a plant-based alternative to red and white meat.

The company says it is in ongoing commercial discussions with various partners, and the patent will help to secure its position. It is unclear what the new meat alternatives will be made from.

Veg of Lund’s patent portfolio already includes patents for DUG milk alternatives in Europe, the US, and Canada, along with potato-based smoothies, cream, and ice cream in Sweden.

“The patent for the meat analogue is extensive and I am proud of our fundamental development work. The patent secures our unique competence and is important when we are going to commercialise our meat alternative,” said Eva Tornberg, founder and head of R&D at Veg of Lund.

Veg of Lund, DUG's parent company receives patent approval for potato ice cream

“Well-tolerated and versatile”

Since launching in Sweden and the UK in 2021, DUG has proven extremely popular for its neutral taste and creamy texture. Said to be one of the most sustainable milk alternatives available, the brand saw sales rise by almost 50% within its first year. DUG has now expanded into other markets such as Germany, China, and Japan.

“Potato protein contains none of the top 14 most common allergens, which makes it well-tolerated and versatile,” Veg of Lund CEO Frederik Carling told vegconomist earlier this year. “Not to mention the sustainability credentials of the potato, which Eva [Tornberg] identified very early on. Upon making these discoveries, she made it her mission to develop a range of plant-based food products powered by potatoes, that would not only benefit plant-based and vegan consumers, but also environmentally conscious individuals and those with allergies or intolerances.”

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