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Veg of Lund Receives US Patent for DUG’s Vegan Potato Emulsion

Swedish plant-based company Veg of Lund announces it has received patent approval from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its vegan potato emulsion used in its DUG potato drinks. The patent protection will cover the entire US market.

Veg of Lund’s patent portfolio includes protection for potato ice cream covering the Swedish market and a patent for the improved recipe of its award-winning DUG drink in Sweden, Europe, and Canada. Additionally, the Swedish company has active patent applications in Australia, China, India, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates

“We are pleased to note that a patent is also being approved for the American market for our unique vegetable milk alternatives,” says Eva Tornberg, founder of Veg of Lund.


Tornberg founded Veg of Lund in 2016, inspired by the potential of potatoes as a sustainable protein source for plant-based foods. The amino acid profile of the tubers is equal to that of eggs, with the benefit of being free from the 14 most common allergens.

The emulsion, which defines the unique milk alternative, combines potatoes, rapeseed oil, and vegetable protein. The potato milk is said to be an ideal replacement for cows’ milk, delivering perfect foams and a neutral taste.  

Global success of potato milk

Recently, Veg of Lund signed a distribution agreement with Synergy Trading Corporation to expand into the Japanese market. The pioneering potato milk, which has been enjoying tremendous success in the UK since its launch in 2022, is also expanding to the German market through an agreement with CCP AG.  In partnership with Haofood, the unique potato milk will arrive on the Chinese market in Q1 2024.

“DUG, our new, patented, awardwinning, potatobased dairy alternative, ticks all the boxes: deliciously creamy, perfectly foamy, supersustainable, and versatile, performing just as well in hot drinks as it does in cooking and in baking,” the company says about its vegan potato emulsion.

Read our recent interview with Veg of Lund CEO Fredrik Carling here.

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