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Vegan Media Market Launches to Connect Vegan Businesses & Freelancers

A new freelance marketplace called Vegan Media Market has launched to help vegan business owners and freelancers find each other.

The marketplace is intended as an alternative to platforms such as Fiverr, Upwork, and Guru. It lists photographers, graphic designers, social media managers, web developers, virtual assistants, and more.

“Almost every vegan freelancer I know would prefer to work with vegan businesses”

Vegan Media Market is free to use for businesses, with a small commission charged to freelancers. This is significantly lower than the commission charged by sites such as Upwork, and there is no fee for freelancers to post listings.

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Vegan business resources

Vegan Media Market joins a growing number of resources aimed specifically at vegan businesses, from books and meetups to crowdfunding platforms and pitching contests. The marketplace was created by entrepreneur Sam Tucker, who also founded vegan digital marketing agency Creative Compass. He decided to launch Vegan Media Market after discovering that no one had developed a platform of this kind specifically for vegan businesses.

“Almost every vegan freelancer I know would prefer to work with vegan businesses, and nearly every vegan business owner I know wishes they could find more vegan freelancers,” said Tucker. “It’s always been really hard for vegan freelancers and vegan business owners to find each other on any of the traditional freelance marketplaces, so I started to wonder why there wasn’t another platform dedicated to connecting them.

“I thought, ‘Why not build it myself?’ I had already built an extensive network of both vegan freelancers and vegan business owners through my work with Creative Compass, plus my team had all of the website design and development skills needed to make it a reality.”

He added, “Keeping the commission rate as low as possible was important for us in order to support the growth of the vegan sector, and the vegan movement as a whole.”

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