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Veganz Expands its Climate Smart Products Into Greek Market

German full-range vegan food retailer Veganz launches into Greek supermarket chain AB (Alfa-Beta) as the first brand in the world to bring 24 climate-smart products to the Greek market. A climate-friendly range of 24 products including vegan chocolates, biscuits, bars and spreads, will be available in 200 stores across Greece.

Vegan food is an integral part of Greece, as members of the Greek Orthodox Church abstain completely from meat, dairy products and eggs during several fasting periods, making their diet predominantly vegan. In 2018, around 96% of Greeks belonged to the Orthodox Church. Origins of the vegetarian diet in Europe can also be found in Greece, with the Greek scholar Pythagoras considered one of the first great vegetarians. In 2019, 2% of the population in Greece followed a vegetarian diet and 0.8% a vegan diet, most of whom were between 18 and 25 years old.


The sustainability score, developed together with the Swiss institute Eaternity, is demonstrated on the packaging showing how the products perform in the categories climate, water, rainforest and animal welfare compared to over 100,000 other foods. The range of Veganz Choc Bars, Roasted Chocs and Co. offers a vegan alternative to classic Greek sweets such as Halva.

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