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Veganz Group AG and VeGreat LLC to Launch Vertical Farming Project for Protein Crops in Dubai

A few months ago, the Berlin-based Veganz Group AG acquired the licensing rights for the vertical farming platform technologies OrbiPlan and OrbiLoop from the research organization Fraunhofer Institute IME. These technologies allow the industrial production of food and protein crops under highly efficient indoor conditions anywhere in the world. 

Now, the Veganz Group AG and US-based company VeGreat LLC announce OrbiFarm, a joint venture to exploit these vertical farming technologies in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. VeGreat LLC recently acquired newly issued shares of the Veganz Group AG, increasing Veganz Group AG’s capital by 10%.

“This will make it possible for the first time, anywhere in the world, independent of climate and environmental influences, to realize the production of plant-based alternatives from seed to end product in one hall with maximum efficiency and under optimal conditions,” comments Jan Bredack, founder and CEO of Veganz Group AG.

Veganz Meat plant-based alternative range
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A protein supply

OrbiFarm will act as a technology platform to build and operate indoor farming facilities to grow protein crops on an industrial scale. 

According to the statement, VeGreat LLC will earn 75% of the shares in OrbiFarm and will be in charge of connecting investors and industry experts to construct vertical indoor farms in the United Arab Emirates and the USA. 

Veganz Group AG will hold 25% of the joint venture shares. In addition to the OrbiPlant and OrbiLoop technologies licenses, Veganz Group AG will leverage its expertise in producing plant-based proteins to create meat and fish alternatives

Veganz is a brand and producer of plant-based foods founded in Berlin in 2011. The company is famous for its vegan supermarket chain, which offers a wide range of products in the DACH region. Veganz is transparent and certified as a B Corp. It regularly sets new benchmarks for a sustainable food industry, including its printed plant-based milk Mililk and DTC store offering discount plant-based product boxes. 

“This creates food and supply security, independence from other markets and countries, and price stability for the basic caloric and protein supply of the population, especially in regions that today have to import most of their food from other countries,” adds Bredack.

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