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Veggletto: A Breakthrough in Plant-Based Egg Alternatives

Veggletto, established in 2017 by Dr. David Lewis and Dr. Deborah Lewis, has developed a healthy, plant-based alternative to eggs. The product comes in powder form, is nutritionally similar to conventional eggs, and is produced in Australia where we have seen several recent innovations and a sharp uptake in vegan industry.

The company’s aim was to develop an egg replacement technology to counteract the safety and animal welfare issues associated with eggs. Now, the Veggletto Technology has become available and the company aims to license it for manufacture and marketing worldwide.

The product comes in a shelf-stable powder form and is instantly dispersible in water. Once prepared, it can be used in the same way as eggs. The powder is made from natural ingredients with no artificial colours or preservatives. The company has also developed frozen and chilled versions of the product.

Veggletto has developed a vegan egg alternative
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Veggletto’s protein content is comparable to that of eggs, and its nutritional profile is similar. It contains vitamin E, lecithin, and other nutrients designed to equal the nutritional value of eggs.

Feedback so far has been positive, with consumers saying the product tastes similar and cooks in the same way as conventional eggs. Better still, it is cholesterol-free and much lower in saturated fat than eggs.

A recent ProVeg survey identified a gap in the market for egg substitutes, and many new companies are developing egg alternatives. These include the Indian startup Evo Foods. JUST is also experiencing huge success and has already sold the equivalent of 40 million plant-based eggs.

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