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Vegnables Plant-Based Boxes Launching Wefunder Campaign to Re-Invent Lunchables

Snack boxes filled with ready-to-eat foods are a perennial favorite of kids’ school lunches. Now, Vegnables has arrived to offer a new option for tasty, allergy-friendly, plant-based lunch box meals. The company is preparing to launch on Wefunder on January 24th. 

Filling a snack box void 

According to Vegnables (pronounced VEE-gan-a-buls), 50 million parents buy Lunchables every year, but such products are typically filled with artificial additives, allergens and unhealthy levels of sodium. Vegnables was created to a convenient, affordable and familiar snack box made with healthier plant-based ingredients. 

Vegnables Vegan Product Range

Vegnables’ products, inspired by Lunchables, are available online and in select retailers. They are currently available in three varieties:

Nacho Box – Nachos, cheese and salsa

Pizza Box – Pizza crust, tomato sauce, and shredded cheese

Sandwich Box – Crackers, cheese, deli slices and Home Free chocolate chip cookies

To create the meals, Vegnables partnered with a lineup of plant-based and natural foods brands including Plant Provisions, Be-Hive, Back to Nature, and GOOD PLANeTThe company notes the products’ appeal is not limited to kids, and can also be consumed as a healthy on-the-go work lunch or snack. 

Revolutionizing lunch boxes

To accelerate its growth, Vegnables is starting a new Wefunder campaign on January 24th, which the company says will help expand its sales and distribution channels to supermarkets, large retail chains, convenience stores and more. 

On the Wefunder page, Vegnables cites Lunchables, Starbucks lunches and plant-based convenience foods as the brand’s main competition. However, unlike vegan frozen meals and canned soups, Vegnables notes its products can be consumed directly from the package.

Vegnables Lunch Boxes

Founder Tori Keeshin has over six years of experience in the plant-based food industry, and also works as a manager with Plant Power Fast Food. According to the WeFunder page, Keeshin hopes Vegnables will re-invent what pre-packaged lunch boxes can be: 

“My goal with Vegnables is to create an alternative for school lunches, work lunches, or just a nutritious boost when you’re in a hurry,” says Keeshin. “I am determined to bring this nostalgic product to life in a more sustainable way.”

Vegnables products can be found at The Vegan Grocery Store in NY and Follow Your Heart Market in Canoga Park, CA. In addition to Wefunder, Vegnables says the company is also accepting private investment. 

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