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Verdino Green Foods Takes Over Unfished and Green Course Brands From Prefera Foods

Verdino Green Foods, a plant-based leader in Central and Eastern Europe and the first alt meat producer in its native Romania, announces it has taken over the Unfished® and Green Course® brands from Prefera Foods, consolidating the entire portfolio and adding alt seafood products and stating that it now becomes one of the players with the most diversified plant-based portfolio in Europe.

“We aim to diversify our portfolio and to become a key player in Europe in the plant-based seafood and meat markets”

Launched just last year, Unfished offers canned PlanTuna, ready-to-eat salads and alt tuna and salmon spreads, winning various awards including Best Vegan Tuna at the PETA Vegan Food Awards 2022. Green Course offers a range of ready meals, meat alternatives, sauces, and vegan mayonnaise.

“Consolidating the plant-based product portfolio is a priority for us, which is why we took a step forward in the category of vegan fish and ready meals. We aim to diversify our portfolio in this direction and to become a key player in Europe in the plant-based seafood and meat markets. The global plant-based food market is in continuous expansion and the number of consumers is growing exponentially, as more people are aware of the benefits of plant-based products for a balanced lifestyle,” comments Raul Ciurtin, founder of Verdino Green Foods.

© Unfished

“By taking over the Unfished® brand, we are consolidating our plant-based portfolio in the fish alternatives category and we are launching new products to develop more market segments. We are talking about innovative and amazing products like salmon fillet, white fish fillet, salmon and tuna sashimi for sushi, breaded fish sticks and breaded fish fillets, all plant-based, which are easy to prepare by anyone,” says Ciurtin.

Since the company was founded, three years ago, Verdino has launched over 60 products, with a focus on pea protein, and opened offices in Germany and the UK. Recently, the jury of the PETA Vegan Food Award 2022 chose Verdino’s Mortadella with Pistachios as the best vegan cold cut product. Verdino says it aims to become the most affordable high-quality plant-based meat brand in Europe.

Verdino_Mortadella_Peta Award 2022
©Verdino Green Foods

“When we talk about growing a business, especially one in a new market, innovation is the main engine. Having this aspect as a reference in the development of the company, we tried to constantly come up with new products and to offer consumers healthier, sustainable solutions, based on vegetable protein, good for them and for the planet. We believe in the potential of the ready-to-eat plant-based products category, which offers the advantage of a meal that requires a short preparation time,” adds Ciurtin.

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