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VFC Announces “More Meat-Like” Recipe, New SKUs, and First Product For Kids

UK vegan chick*n / food activism brand VFC announces a new, “more meat-like” recipe, new Chick*n Tenders and Spicy Fillets, and its very first product for children, which rolled out into Sainsbury’s 6th Nov.

The new core recipe — offering a crispier, crunchier southern-fried cornflake coating, higher protein and less salt — will be applied to the full VFC range, which will now include Original Recipe Crispy Chick*n Tenders and Spicy Fillets. VFC states that its proprietary cutting-edge extrusion technology successfully mimics the juiciness, texture and flavour of animal chicken.


Concurrently, VFC announces it will see brand coverage increase tenfold throughout 2023, with new listings in Ocado and increased distribution across Sainsbury’s, surpassing 3,200 distribution points in total. The products, recently voted Best New Vegan Chicken in the USA, will also expand into Albert Heijn, the Dutch retailer which stated earlier this year its intention to focus on plant-based as standard by 2030.

New SKUs

The new VFC recipe arrived in Tesco on 31st October and Sainsbury’s on 6th November, and will land in Ocado on 30th November, along with Crispy Chick*n Tenders which will replace Crispy Chick*n Bites.


The new Spicy Fillets also launch into Sainsbury’s on 6th November, featuring a habanero paste in the coating for added spice.

  • VFC Stompers RRP: £3.50 for 8 x pieces per pack – 288g
  • VFC Chick*n Fillets (Crispy and Spicy) RRP: £3.00 for 2 x fillets per pack – 190g
  • VFC Crispy Chick*n Tenders RRP: £3.00 for 8 x Tenders per pack – 200g
  • VFC Crispy Popcorn Chick*n RRP: £3.00 for 220g

VFC Co-Founder, Adam Lyons, comments today: “This is a hugely exciting time as we lead on best plant-based ‘meat taste’ with our next-generation recipe, strengthen our core range with Crispy Chick*n Tenders and Spicy, and broaden our offer for kids’ mealtimes.


“Championing taste in this category is key to converting more people across all age groups into more sustainable meat-free alternatives so that animals no longer have to be part of the food system. We have invested in a unique extrusion technology that is gentle on the proteins, giving us more complete nutritional content and more improved ‘meat-like’ texture.

“We have huge plans to expand and grow the business in 2023 and beyond.”

“The result is a plant-based experience that’s even more meat-like, delicious, convenient and incredibly versatile without costing a wing and a leg. That’s why we have been voted Best New Vegan Chicken in the USA and have huge plans to expand and grow the business in 2023 and beyond,” adds Lyon.

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