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Vibio: World’s First Personal Pleasure Toys Achieve Vegan Society Certification

Vibio, the queer and women-owned sex tech company, has become the first-ever to register its toys with The Vegan Society. Vibio’s app-controlled toy range as well as its lubricants have been verified as entirely free from animal products and testing and certified with the Vegan Trademark.

Vibio was founded in 2018 by childhood friends Alma Ramírez Acosta and Patricia Cervantes Santana. The team launched its first vibrator and accompanying app via Kickstarter and now has a range of four toys made from body-safe platinum-grade silicone. Vibio also produces educational content for those wishing to find out more about sexual wellbeing.

Vibio vegan sex toys

Lubricants, toys, and condoms can contain animal derivatives such as enzymes, animal skin or beeswax, or may have been tested on animals, making vegan certification an important selling point for ethical lovers. While Vibio is the first company to register app-controlled vegan toys, there are currently 12 different lubricants registered with the Vegan Trademark

“We’re firm believers on the power of tech when it comes to creating change and positive impact in the world, and wanted to apply this to the sexual wellness space. Our mission has always been creating an inclusive brand that would not only make tools to explore sexuality but combining them with content to guide people in their sexual journey. As a vegan myself, it was essential that our products be accessible to the vegan community as well,” stated Vibio co-founder, Patricia Cervantes Santana. 

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