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Vivera Partners With ProVeg to Promote Veggie Challenge on 40 Million Packs

Vivera, the leading Dutch manufacturer of meat alternatives, this week announced a partnership with ProVeg to promote its successful Veggie Challenge on the product packaging of 40 million units. Together they hope to create a snowball effect that will bring Europe one step closer to a meatless diet.

Vivera is the third largest producer of meat replacement products in Europe, selling about 40 million units per year. In September, the Dutch company announced to invest €30 million on the occasion of its 30th birthday, to further expand its production capacities among other things. In addition, Vivera became one of the first meat companies worldwide to leave meat behind for good.

Willem van Weede, CEO of Vivera, commented on becoming an entirely meat-free company: “You can look away stubbornly or go full steam ahead to break old conventions. In a few years’ time, they will look back and many people will find eating meat antisocial.”

As an organisation, Proveg has helped over 300,000 people reduce their meat consumption to date. Beyond that the ProVeg Incubator is considered as the world’s leading incubator of plant-based and cultivated food startups. Thanks to the new partnership, Vivera and ProVeg are now working together towards a more plant-based future. According to the motto of ProVeg director Veerle Vrindts: “Alone you go faster, but together you move forward.”

Verschiedene Produkte aus dem Sortiment von Vivera
© Vivera

As part of the partnership, the Veggie Challenge will be featured on all Vivera packaging: 40 million products per year. In addition, Vivera will participate in the large-scale Veggie Challenge campaign in January 2021. Vivera has also announced that it wants to make all its products that currently contain cheese 100% vegan.

Speaking about the relevance and future-effect of the partnership, Vrindts commented: “Any positive introduction to meat without an animal offers an opportunity to try it out more often, to change your routines. With our collaboration with Vivera, we hope to create a snowball effect, both among consumers and among businesses that want to work together for a plant-based future.”

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