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WOA Receives AUD$5M Government Grant to Produce Oat Milk Enriched with Lupin Protein

Wide Open Agriculture (ASX: WOA), an Australian agriculture and regenerative food company which owns the brand Dirty Clean Food, has received an AUD$5 million grant from the Western Australian Government to scale up the production of a new oat milk enriched with a lupin-derived protein called Buntine.

A the end of 2021, WOA raised $20 million to build a production facility near a farming area of high-quality oats in Western Australia. The grand will expedite its establishment. At the facility, WOA will produce the new oat milk and lupin protein formula in various formats and will continue producing its already launched oat milk products— “the world’s lowest carbon” plant-based drinks.

The new plant, expected to launch in Q3 2025, will feature novel manufacturing technologies to reduce production costs and increase WOA’s domestic production capabilities to meet the growing demand for plant-based alternatives. 

OatUp with coffee cup
OatUp, © Dirty Clean Foods

Plant-based nutrition

Wide Open Agriculture has developed a technology to produce a shelf-stable protein-rich concentrate powder out of lupins. The patented process is fossil-fuel-free, using renewable energy and no hazardous chemicals or solvents to extract the proteins. 

The powder has a neutral flavour, gelling and viscosity functionalities — valuable features for many applications in F&B. WOA says it has successfully manufactured the first prototypes using Buntine, which proves that the product can be packaged and pasteurized. In 2022, Monde Nissin Australia became a supplier of WOA’s Buntine protein. 

Lupins are grown in the West Australian wheatbelt using regenerative farming practices to capture carbon and increase biodiversity. Lupins sequester nitrogen back into the soil, with a shallow environmental footprint and minimal use of inputs. According to WOA, the government’s grant supports sustainable farming practices and its vision for the future of the beverage industry — a plant-based nutritious industry.

Jay Albany, CEO at WOA, said, “We’re immensely grateful for the support and trust vested in us by the Western Australian Government. This grant is not only a financial boost but also a testament to the viability and potential of our high protein oat milk. As we move forward, we’re more excited than ever to see our plans materialize, harnessing this opportunity to champion a new era of sustainable, innovative, and delicious plant-based nutrition.”

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