• Yemoja: “There is a Vast Ocean of Microalgae Species Not Yet Discovered”

    Marine ingredient startup, Yemoja, Ltd., has created a next-gen platform for cultivating customized, microalgae on demand. Co-founder Amikam Bar-Gil says, “Microalgae are sunlight-driven, single-celled factories, and by nature highly resilient and versatile. They also are a powerful source of natural, vegan, bioactive ingredients.”

    The Israeli startup is currently moving into Round B funding, having already raised US$4 million in seed funds and investments from the Israel Innovation Authority. Yemoja says it can produce algae-centered ingredients standardized to any bioactive compound or algae extract and that its microalgae can be tailored to desired nutritional compounds and functionalities.

    “There is a vast ocean of microalgae species not yet discovered, and only a dozen or so are commercially available,” notes Eyal Shalmon, CEO of Yemoja. “The market is still in the early stages of tapping into the immense potential of these marine ‘supercrops’.

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    Yemoja’s super-intensive cultivation methodology overcomes many of the industry’s hurdles, specifically compositional homogeneity, scalability, and contamination proofing, and ensures clean, safe microalgae throughout the process.

    “Yemoja’s patented technology evolved from a deep-rooted appreciation of biopharma and marine sciences, supported by extensive experience in algae cultivation,” says Erez Ashkenazi, COO and Co-Founder of Yemoja. “This unprecedented capacity was collectively harnessed to produce a variety of pure algae at any scale, and in a short time — something the microalgae market has not witnessed until now.”

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