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Canada’s CULT Food Science Corp Makes Strategic Investment into UK’s 3D Bio-Tissues Ltd

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Canadian investment platform CULT Food Science Corp announces that it has made a strategic investment into UK firm 3D Bio-Tissues Limited (3DBT). The move comes as the platform – with an exclusive focus on clean, lab-grown food – increases its stakes across the field. 

Based in the UK, 3DBT produces biological tissue material that can be used for cultivated meat, synthetic leather, and collagen production. A spin-off from Newcastle University,  3DBT’s patented technology also provides an alternative source of animal leather that is resilient to the global leather market’s supply chain and trade limitations.

CULT Food Science Corp.
©CULT Food Science Corp.

CULT Food’s investment in 3DBT furthers the platform’s exposure to cellular agriculture-focused intellectual property including innovative tissue templating and culture fluid technologies. CULT Food’s platform aims to advance the development of novel technologies to provide a sustainable solution to the global factory farming and aquaculture crises, and so far features Berekely’s Ohayo Valley Inc – a cultivated Wagyu steak biotech – and Biftek Inc – a Turkish B2B using novel culture medium supplement formula to grow muscle stem cells.

“This investment in 3DBT is an important addition to our investment platform, as bio-tissues are a critical element of cultivated meat production, where scientific innovation is deeply needed. We are excited to help accelerate the growth of the Venture and will look to leverage potential synergies with our other portfolio companies in due course,” stated Dorian Banks, Chief Executive Officer of CULT.

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