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A Strategic Stake in Steak: CULT Food Science Buys Into Wagyu Ribeye Producer Ohayo Valley

CULT Food Science Corp announces has completed a strategic investment into Berekely’s Ohayo Valley Inc., a cultivated meat science and cell biology company focused on developing and commercializing intellectual property to facilitate the sustainable production of A5-grade cultivated, wagyu ribeye beef.

As we reported in August, food innovators around the world are beginning to get involved in alt wagyu across the plant-based, cell-based and even 3D printed spheres. Founder of Canada’s Top Tier Foods, Blair Bullus, noted in an interview with vegconomist that wagyu is hugely appealing to alt meat innovators because “Wagyu beef is widely considered the best beef in the world by meat-eaters and is renowned for its fat marbling and tender qualities.”

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Ohayo’s unique take on the steak: it claims to have access to “various trade secrets” as well as a “revolutionary process” to recreate the protein, fat, and texture of the beef which are under patents pending. The company indicates that the marbled beef product will be profitable at commercial scale and intends to capture market share by distributing the alt beef to renowned restaurants, for cross-promotion by top chefs and food experts.

“CULT’s investment in Ohayo marks an exciting addition to its portfolio, which continues to be high graded by way of the world’s leading companies in the cellular agriculture space. Our team has the benefit and privilege of being able to closely monitor the future of food, while positioning the Company to generate strong returns on its investments for the benefit of shareholders,” said Dorian Banks, Chief Executive Officer of CULT.

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