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Australia’s First Online Course on Cellular Agriculture Launches to Help Students Break Into the Sector

Nonprofit organisation Cellular Agriculture Australia (CAA) announces the launch of the first online course on cellular agriculture in collaboration with industry, academia, and regulatory organisations.

“To feed nearly 10 billion people by 2050, we need to prepare a massive wave of talent”

Cellular agriculture is a relatively new discipline and is often described as a futuristic way of agriculture using just a tiny fraction of agricultural land compared to the traditional production of animal products. While formal education programs on cellular agriculture are still a rarity, the new course by CAA focuses on students and industry professionals intending to equip themselves with the foundational knowledge to break into the emerging sector.

First of its kind in Australia

Dedicated to enabling the future of the cellular agriculture sector in Australia, CAA’s goal is the development of talent pipelines, collaborative communities, and the promotion of positive awareness regarding cellular agriculture. In May 2022, CAA updated its interactive Pathways tool to drive and guide more talent into cellular agriculture research, now followed by the first official online course on the topic.

According to CAA, knowledge gathered from the course will serve as a baseline for practical educational experiences. Being the first online course of its kind in Australia, it was established in response to discussions with industry and academics, who claim that the capacity to access and attract fresh talent is one of the main obstacles faced by the industry to expand the sector and attain commercial scale.

first online course on cellular agriculture
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The course consists of six modules that have been specifically created to cover a wide range of topics in the cellular agriculture industry. After completing the modules, students have gained fundamental knowledge on several topics, including scaling cellular agriculture, cultured meat production, precise fermentation, and food policy and regulations in Australia.

Christina Aguila, the University Innovation Specialist at GFI, said, “Cellular Agriculture Australia’s short course is huge for the future food movement. To feed nearly 10 billion people by 2050, we need to prepare a massive wave of talent to enter the cellular agriculture space.

“Like any emerging field, we’re facing a lack of formal educational programs focused on cell ag and alternative proteins. It can take years for universities to establish new courses and majors, so online short courses like this are critical. Rather than wait for formal programs to become commonplace at universities, CAA is giving learners an opportunity to kickstart their educational journey into the alt protein field right away.”

The course will launch on the 2nd of August and can be accessed here.



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