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Bluu Seafood and CellX Partner to “Make Cellular Agriculture a Reality” Within Germany & China

Bluu Seafood and CellX today announce a strategic partnership, stating they are committed to a shared goal to “make cellular agriculture a reality” and advance regulatory approval in their countries, respectively Germany and China.

“We are solving a global issue, and this requires a global solution”

Bluu Seafood (formerly Bluu Biosciences), which claims to be the first European company specializing in cultivated fish, will present its first product this year. CellX, which claims to be the leading cultivated meat company in China, showcased several products in 2021 with a focus on pork and is now expanding into beef and poultry.

Bluu Seafood team
Bluu team, image credit Henrik Gergen

Chris Dammann, COO of Bluu Seafood, is a VP and board member of Cellular Agriculture Europe, while Ziliang Yang, founder and CEO of CellX, is Secretary of the APAC Society for Cellular Agriculture.

The newly formed partnership will see the two companies support each other across the whole value chain when expanding into the respective markets, from the procurement of raw materials to the construction of production facilities and possible sales partnerships. Additionally, they plan to establish supply partnerships together and promote consumer acceptance of cultivated products.


“China has the world’s largest consumption of seafood and is, therefore, a particularly important market for Bluu Seafood. Together with CellX, we are working to overcome the challenges in sourcing, scaling, and obtaining regulatory approval concerning cultivated fish and meat to bring affordable and tasty products to market. We are delighted about this Chinese-German partnership in which we are working together on the future of food,” comments Simon Fabich, founder and MD of Bluu Seafood.

“We are pleased to form this strategic partnership with Bluu Seafood as an industry leader in cultivated seafood and board member of Cellular Agriculture Europe. CellX and Bluu Seafood have a complementary focus regarding species and market geographies. This partnership will serve as a starting point for deeper collaboration between the two companies and will encourage more collaboration across the industry. We are solving a global issue, and this requires a global solution,” said Ziliang Yang, CEO at CellX.



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