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Cell Ag Organisations Unite to Form Global Cultivated Foods Alliance

The US’ Alliance for Meat, Poultry, and Seafood Innovation has joined forces with APAC Society for Cellular Agriculture and Cellular Agriculture Europe to form a global cultivated foods alliance.

The three organisations, which collectively represent over 30 cultivated food producers, will work together to strategically connect the industry. The alliance’s ultimate goal is to achieve a sustainable and food-secure future.

On October 26, the presidents, vice presidents, and management committees of the three associations will meet for the first time in Singapore. They will discuss the following three areas:

  • Regional Synergies: Sharing information on best practices between countries.
  • Regulatory Harmonisation: Advocating for consistent, science-based regulatory frameworks and standards to help get cultivated products to market.
  • Communication: Aiding communication on global issues and public policy matters.
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About the organisations

The Alliance for Meat, Poultry & Seafood Innovation was formed in 2019 to represent the cultivated meat and seafood industries. At the time, the founding companies — Memphis Meats, JUST Inc., Fork & Goode, BlueNalu, and Finless Foods — announced their intention to lobby Washington to promote cultivated foods.

Cellular Agriculture Europe launched last year, with a board featuring representatives from Bluu Biosciences, Vital Meat, SuperMeat, Mosa Meat, and Aleph Farms. The organisation aims to bring together stakeholders and producers of cultivated foods and ingredients.

APAC Society for Cellular Agriculture has only been active since March of this year, when it launched with the aim of advocating for cultivated products by engaging with consumers and helping to develop regulatory frameworks. The association has 11 founding members from various companies, including Shiok Meats, Aleph Farms, and CellX.

“We stand behind the vision of a more sustainable, healthy, and food-secure planet for all, and hope to build long-lasting partnerships with key industry, community, public, and governmental entities in efforts of promoting a brighter future,” said APAC-SCA’s management team.

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