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France’s Vital Meat Submits Pre-Market Dossier to Launch Cultivated Chicken in Singapore

French cultivated meat company, Vital Meat, announces it has submitted a novel food pre-market regulatory dossier to the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) seeking approval to launch its cultivated chicken, Vital Chicken, in the country.

The biotech stated that Singapore‘s progressive thinking and willingness to embrace new technologies position it as an ideal market to launch its safe and delicious product. 

If Vital Chicken receives the SFA’s pre-market approval, Vital Meat will become the first European cultivated meat company to sell its products in Singapore — a sought-after race among biotech companies.

In 2019, SFA introduced a novel food regulatory framework, requiring companies to seek pre-market allowance by submitting safety assessments for SFA’s review. Singapore, the first country to allow cultivated meat, has approved only GOOD Meat’s cultivated chicken. Since then, multiple companies, including Aleph Farms, Vow, Bluu Seafood, and Meatable, have been looking to commercialize their cultivated products in this promising market.

“Building a Regulatory dossier is not a small task! It involved our whole company. You have to prove that everything in your technology is safe, from the cell line to the media, to the process and the end product,” explains Olivia de Talancé, COO of Vital Meat.

Vital Meat's cultivated chicken on a plate with salad
© Vital Meat

The authentic taste of Vital Chicken

Based in the Pays de la Loire, France, Vital Meat was founded in 2018 by Etienne Duthoit to develop protein alternatives to meat using biotechnology.

The French biotech claims it has developed a scalable and cost-effective platform with a safe and stable cell line. The company’s chicken cell-based meat is said to be safe for human consumption, free of compounds of animal origin, GMO, and antibiotic-free — all features verified with rigorous third-party testing.

Besides meeting safety standards, Vital Chicken is said to offer essential nutritional values, including the nine essential amino acids, vitamin B12, and iron, while providing the real taste of chicken meat. Additionally, the company says it is ready to launch products since it has achieved a scaling milestone in chicken cultivation using a serum-free media developed by Europe’s media developer Biowest.

The company’s commercial activity will focus on the B2B market, offering Vital Chicken as an ingredient for high-quality hybrid products.

“We can’t wait to introduce the people of Singapore to the authentic taste of our Vital Chicken, a result of our dedication to high-quality, sustainable, and ethical meat production,” shared Duthoit.

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