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Meatable Makes History as First Company to Hold a Cultivated Meat Tasting in the EU

Meatable, a Dutch producer of cell-based pork meat, has become the first company to hold an officially approved cultivated meat tasting in the European Union, and the first in the Netherlands.

According to the announcement, the company held a private tasting for its cultivated pork sausages at its new headquarters in Leiden after receiving approval for product safety from the third-party committee sanctioned by the Dutch government.

Important to note here is that Australian company Vow recently held Europe’s first official cultivated meat tasting featuring gourmet dishes crafted with Vow’s cultivated quail. However, this took place in Iceland which is not a member of the EU, and the Meatable news relates specifically to the first tasting in an EU country.

“I found Meatable’s sausage to be remarkably delicious!”

Joining Meatable at this historic event for the European cultivated meat industry were Constantijn van Oranje, Prince of the Netherlands and Special Envoy; Michelin-starred chef Ron Blaauw; and entrepreneur Ira van Eelen, whose father, Willem van Eelen, is considered the father of cultivated meat. 

Meatable tasting
© Meatable

Ira van Eelen shared, “This is a huge step for the sector. Before cultured meat companies can submit their dossier to the relevant authorities it is essential that their product can first be tasted. I have already attended several tastings in other countries and have to say I found Meatable’s sausage to be remarkably delicious!”

A pioneering country

The Netherlands is the first EU country to allow cultivated meat and seafood tastings, a significant decision that recognizes the value of feedback for product optimization and highlights the government’s interest in transitioning to a sustainable food system.

Constantijn van Oranje commented, “The Netherlands is a pioneer in the development of cultivated meat, and it was an honor to join the frontrunner in the field Meatable for the first European tasting of their products.

“Meatable’s cultivated meat has great potential to reduce the food industry’s impact on the environment, and I look forward to continuing to support the company as they work towards this goal on a path to commercialization.”

Meatable tasting
© Meatable

It looks and tastes like meat

Meatable, founded in 2018, is focused on creating environmentally friendly cultivated meat products efficiently and affordably. With its Opti-OX technology, the company claims it can turn one pig cell into a sausage in just four days, which is 60 times faster than traditional farming methods.

Meatable has raised $95 million, including a $35 million Series B round last year to launch its new pilot facility in the Netherlands. After receiving approval, the startup has announced plans to launch in Singapore later this year (where it held its first-ever product tasting) and will continue to work on a US expansion by 2025.

Krijn de Nood, founder and CEO of Meatable, shared: “We are incredibly proud to hold the first official cultivated meat tasting in the European Union, marking a landmark moment for Meatable and our industry. 

“At Meatable, we have been working tirelessly over the last five years to develop a delicious product that looks like, tastes like and has the same texture and flavor profile as farm-raised meat. We now have the opportunity to verify those findings and further optimize our product before mass market entry. We look forward to hosting many more tastings in the future as we work towards regulatory approval and global commercialization.”

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