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Peace of Meat Announces Cultured Avian Capabilities

MeaTech 3D announces today that Peace of Meat, the Belgian supplier of cultured fat that it fully acquired in December 2020 for around $20 million, has established a stable and unique avian cell line with a clear upscaling path.

“We are moving forward with a clear R&D and go-to-market strategy”

Peace of Meat says it plans to commercialize its product by collaborating with conventional meat producers as well as other alt protein companies to produce a range of sustainable hybrid products, echoing the sentiments of others in the industry who assert that hybrids are a productive way to work with the meat industry in order to produce less meat, including Planteneers, DSM, Future Meat, and Nova Meat to name a few.

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Last year, Peace of Meat successfully produced 700 grams of cultured chicken fat biomass in a single production run. The company intends to establish a pilot plant and R&D facility for upscaling production in 2023, involving the use of serum-free cell lines.

Dirk Standaert, Peace of Meat’s Chief Executive Officer, states: “We are moving forward with a clear R&D and go-to-market strategy. We have established a superior cell platform for the industrialization of cultured meat products that allows us to develop tasty, nutritious cultured avian products made sustainably.”

Says Arik Kaufman, MeaTech’s Chief Executive Officer: “We are proud of Peace of Meat’s achievements and their accelerated path toward commercialization in the hybrid foods market, a sector with tremendous potential.”

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