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New Research Collaboration Accelerates Meatafora’s Product Development

Meatafora, an Israel-based cultivated meat company, announces its latest technological advancements, positioning the food tech company one step closer to a consumer product launch. 

The company’s mission is to provide a premium cultivated meat product that is highly nutritious and cost-efficient using a scaleable process that it claims can reduce costs by up to 50 percent. 

Unlocking new research

The company’s recent collaboration with Technion Israel Institute of Technology has provided access to new research, which has been instrumental in Meatafora’s technological developments. The procurement of research breakthroughs from the leading research university has yielded two pivotal milestones for the company.

The first involves the successful development of an oleogel fat substitute that replicates the characteristics of animal-derived fat while offering improved nutritional value. This innovation is poised to bridge the gap between lab-grown and conventional meat by enhancing the taste and texture of cultivated meat products.

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Additionally, Meatafora has made significant progress in the production of edible and high-quality microcarriers, a critical component for scaling up the production of cultured meat. Microcarriers are essential in cell-based food production, serving as a support system for cells to grow and multiply in a controlled environment. These microcarriers, which are currently pending approval, are derived from plant-based, edible protein sources and are designed to be both cost-effective and rich in nutritional value.

“We believe the future is cultivated meats. This is a moment of growth for Meatafora”


The company’s cultured meat technology was featured in the reputable science journal Nature Communications a few months ago, providing insight into its latest innovations. Marcelle Machluf, founder of Meatafora, expressed her enthusiasm about the recognition, stating, “We are thrilled that a prominent publication like Nature Communications understands the significance of our recent milestones.”

Bringing cultivated meat to market

Recently, Meatafora successfully completed a multi-million dollar funding round led by New Gate Capital. This investment will be instrumental in advancing the company’s research and development efforts and executing its go-to-market strategy.

Machluf concludes: “We believe the future is cultivated meats. This is a moment of growth for Meatafora and we will continue to make strides towards bringing a delicious meat alternative to the marketplace that is affordable, scalable, and more ethical than the current industrial agricultural system.”

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