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BlueNalu Becomes First Cell-Cultured Seafood Company to Enter National Fisheries Institute

BlueNalu, a California-based cellular aquaculture startup, has become the first cultivated seafood company to join the National Fisheries Institute (NFI), the trade association for the United States seafood industry.

The development demonstrates the growing recognition of the role of cell-cultured seafood within the traditional seafood sector. BlueNalu’s induction into the NFI also includes a pivotal role as a founding member of the newly established Sushi Council, which aims to develop and distribute food safety guidance to sushi’s supply chain.

“Cell-cultured seafood is a game-changer”

The announcement comes after BlueNalu’s active participation in last month’s NFI’s Global Seafood Market Conference. There, in collaboration with Nutreco and Pulmuone Co. Ltd., BlueNalu showcased how cell-cultured seafood can complement traditional seafood production methods.

Worth noting is that The National Fisheries Institute, known for its global influence in the seafood industry, actively encourages the consumption of seafood. Lisa Wallenda Picard, president and CEO of the National Fisheries Institute, commented, “Their innovative cell-cultured seafood is a game-changer that aligns with our mission to have Americans eat more seafood by expanding the market with additional options.”

BlueNalu toro

Collaboration for responsible seafood

With recent achievements, including a $33.5 million fundraise in a Series B round and contributions to Japan’s first technical book on cell-cultured food, BlueNalu seeks to position itself as a leader in the cell-cultured seafood industry. In anticipation of regulatory approval for its cultivated toro, the company has recently announced plans to ramp up commercial production further and strengthened deals with APAC seafood leaders to launch its products in the coming years.

Lou Cooperhouse, the founder, president, and CEO of BlueNalu, expressed the significance of this partnership, stating, “Joining the National Fisheries Institute is a significant step for BlueNalu. We believe that collaboration across the seafood industry is crucial to meeting the growing demand for high-quality, sustainable seafood.” Cooperhouse further spoke about the complementary nature of cell-cultured seafood to traditional methods and its potential to mitigate industry challenges such as overfishing and climate change impacts.

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