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Cultivated Seafood Producer Bluu Biosciences Announces BlueNalu Co-Founder Chris Dammann as Inaugural COO

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Bluu Biosciences, pioneer in the development and production of cultivated fish in Europe, has appointed Chris Dammann as the company’s first COO. Chris is considered one of the world’s leading experts in cellular agriculture and cultivated fish development.

Prior to joining Bluu Biosciences Chris co-founded BlueNalu, one of the first companies worldwide to specialize in cultivated seafood. He developed the technology strategy and scientific approach for the company, and as its CTO led the implementation of a technology platform for cultivated fish. He built and led the R&D team, while also managing collaborations, IP, IT and the establishment of a PMO.

Before founding BlueNalu Chris was Director of Science & Technology at the Invention Development Fund of Intellectual Ventures. Other career stops include the role of Sr. Scientist at BASF and multiple engagements as an independent consultant focusing on tissue engineering, genomics, and intellectual property. Chris holds a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology & Genetics from the Free University of Berlin, Germany.

Executive Team Bluu Biosciences
Executive Team ©Bluu Biosciences

As COO at Bluu Biosciences, Chris will leverage his extensive know-how and knowledge of the industry to ensure that the most effective and efficient processes are implemented throughout the company. He will be responsible for key areas including commercialization efforts, scale-up strategy, collaboration management and IP.

“With Chris, we have been able to attract a first-class expert and innovation leader in cultivated fish to Bluu Biosciences. With his extensive knowledge and experience as a founder, he is a valuable addition to our leadership team. We are very pleased to welcome an entrepreneur on board, who shares our values and our ambition to revolutionize fish production,” explained Dr Sebastian Rakers, co-founder of Bluu Biosciences in partnership with Simon Fabich. 

Chris Dammann emphasized: “Bluu Biosciences has the scientific excellence, technical concept and entrepreneurial vision that an innovative start-up needs to become a competitive and successful company in the global market. Bluu Biosciences’ approach is unique, and I am very excited to use my experience to guide the first cultivated fish company in Europe towards market readiness.” 

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