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German Ingredients Supplier Doehler Invests in Cultivated Palm Oil

Doehler Ventures, the investment arm of German ingredients supplier Doehler, has announced an investment into British startup Clean Food Group (CFG).

CFG is developing cultivated palm oil to address the deforestation caused by the conventional palm oil industry. This loss of habitat endangers important species such as orangutans and pygmy elephants, while also releasing considerable amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Along with providing capital, Doehler will support CFG as it works to increase production to a commercial scale. In future, the two companies say they may collaborate further to address other environmental issues.

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Cultivated palm oil production

CFG’s cultivated palm oil is produced through the fermentation of a proprietary strain of yeast. The eco-friendly fermentation process is fuelled by renewable energy, with food-safe waste used to feed the yeast.

Elsewhere in the world, other companies are also developing alternatives to palm oil. Unilever has partnered with San Diego-based Geno to commercialise a plant-based palm oil alternative, while Zero Acre Farms — another Californian company — is also developing fermentation-based alternatives to vegetable oils.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Doehler Group, a leading manufacturer and innovator within the area of technology-driven natural ingredients and ingredient systems,” said Alex Neves, co-founder and CEO of Clean Food Group. “With Doehler Group’s support, we are excited to accelerate the scale-up of our ground-breaking technology, which will allow us to bring our sustainable palm oil alternative to market more quickly.”

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