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Estonia: ProProtein Opens Seed Round for Cow-Free Casein

ProProtein, the female-driven Estonian alt dairy startup, has initiated a seed funding round to develop its precision fermentation platform. Looking for €700,000, ProProtein aims to develop scalable biotech to produce dairy proteins from yeast.

Through March and April, ProProtein will be raising its seed round funding, following the company’s announcement of a successful casein expression by co-founder and CSO Tiina Tamm PhD. Caseins are essential functional proteins in milk that give cheese the ability to melt and stretch as well as traditional flavors.

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Casein without the cow

Calling the latest casein expression a “big milestone”, ProProtein hopes the next funding round we will focus on optimizing its yields and going through safety analysis, with the ultimate goal to produce real dairy cheese without cows.

Female-led and with a majority female staff, the ProProtein team has previously raised €90,000 from angels, competitions, and the ProVeg accelerator based in Berlin. The company is also part of the ProVeg Incubator program cohort of 2021.

“Our long term goal is ultimately related to impact,” commented Project Manager Toni Bode. “Climate solutions that have a desire to create impact need to be highly scalable and that’s where we are headed.”

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