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Bluu Seafood Announces Europe’s First Cultivated Seafood is Market-Ready

Germany’s Bluu Seafood has presented its first market‐ready products made from cultivated fish cells, positioned as Europe’s first cultivated seafood products. The company states the alt seafood products will soon be ready to enter the regulatory approval process across its target markets.

“We are now the first business in Europe to manufacture fish under cultivation.”

Bluu Seafood is concentrating on goods manufactured from fish cells that are developed in specialist facilities, based on the notion that conventional seafood production is nearing its limitations. Compared to cultivated meat, cultivated seafood has a less complicated structural makeup and is more temperature-tolerant, allowing for easier upscaling.

Bluu Seafood_Cultivated Fish Balls_copyright Bluu GmbH_Wim Jansen
Image ©Wim-Jansen / Bluu GmbH

Europe’s first cultivated seafood

Founded two years ago, Bluu Seafood now becomes Europe’s first cultivated seafood startup to present market-ready cultivated seafood products. The first cell-based products developed by the startup are cultivated fish fingers and fish balls, which contain added plant proteins to enhance cooking behavior and texture.

In addition, Bluu Seafood has created early prototypes of more complicated goods including fillets and sashimi. Based on exclusive, non-GMO trout and salmon cell lines, the company’s goods are produced utilising animal serum-free growth media.

Bluu Seafood_Cultivated Sashimi_copyright Bluu GmbH_Wim Jansen
Cultivated Sashimi, image copyright Bluu GmbH / Wim Jansen

Ready to enter regulatory approval

Last month, Christian Dammann, PhD, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of Bluu Seafood, told vegconomist in an interview that cultivated seafood products will be on supermarket shelves by 2025.

Europe’s first cultivated seafood products are now prepared for market entry and will shortly enter the regulatory approval procedure. By the end of 2023, Bluu Seafood targets the first approval and market launch in Singapore, where the regulatory framework has already been established. Additionally, the business will apply for approval in the US, the UK, and the EU.

CEO and founder Dr. Sebastian Rakers states: “We can now show tangible and palatable results after less than two years of operational effort with the completion of our first products. As a result, we are now the first business in Europe to manufacture fish under cultivation. In order to prepare the way for a commercial launch, we are now collaborating closely with regulatory bodies while concentrating on scalability.”

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