Precision Fermentation Company CB Therapeutics to Begin Producing Animal-Free Food Ingredients

Biosynthesis company CB Therapeutics, which previously focused on producing medical ingredients, has revealed that it is working on numerous foodtech prototypes made using precision fermentation.

CB Therapeutics says its “powerful, fast, and portable” platform is capable of generating a huge range of products and ingredients, claiming to have already developed prototypes for animal-free proteins, fats, colourants, flavors, aromas, and more.

“We have the personnel and equipment needed for bioidentical, animal-free production”

Now, the company is seeking out foodtech partnerships to help it produce ingredients cost-effectively and with the lowest possible carbon footprint.

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Animal-free fermented ingredients

In recent years, precision fermentation has been used to produce a range of ingredients that could previously only be obtained from animal sources. These include proteins such as casein, collagen, gelatin, and pepsin — which have potential applications across a range of industries — along with food ingredients such as egg protein and beef fat.

“This is an exhilarating time for biotech and biomanufacturing. We have the personnel and equipment needed for the bioidentical, animal-free production of proteins, peptides, fats, flavor compounds, and vitamins traditionally found in animal-based foods. Our process also enables improved products such as de-allerginizing proteins and peptides, or enriching products with vitamins, antioxidants, and other health-promoting nutrients,” said CB Therapeutics CEO Sher Ali Butt.  



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