Superbrewed Food Partners with Döhler to Offer Sustainable Proteins to the Food and Beverage Industry

Superbrewed Food, a biomass fermentation startup based in Delaware, announces a partnership with Döhler GmbH, a global manufacturer, marketer and supplier of natural ingredients for the food, beverage and nutrition industries.

As a manufacturing partner, Döhler will provide extensive fermentation capabilities for the production of Superbrewed Food’s patented postbiotic protein ingredient, which will be launched in 2024 in various food categories in the US by multiple food manufacturers.

Postbiotic protein free of animal substances

Superbrewed Food offers a natural, postbiotic protein that is free from animal derivatives and allergenic substances, and is non-GMO. This postbiotic protein, comprising over 85% protein, is enriched with essential and branched-chain amino acids. It as a complete food rather than an isolated protein, containing significant levels of essential minerals and vitamins such as iron, zinc, phosphorus, and B12.

The ingredient is notable for its neutral taste, minimal coloration, balanced pH, temperature stability, and functional properties, including emulsification capabilities. These attributes have led to its application across a wide range of food categories globally, including meat- and dairy-alternative products. For example, Superbrewed entered into a strategic collaboration with the Bel Group in 2022 to develop various cheese products incorporating the ingredient.

Accelerating time to market

“The high functionality, nutritional value and digestibility of Superbrewed’s innovative protein source is impressive and much needed for a variety of consumer-facing applications,” said Dr Kilian Daffner, Global Product Manager at Döhler. “We look forward to working closely together to bring more nutritious, sustainable and cost-effective products to the global food and beverage markets that meet consumer demand over the long term.”

“Superbrewed has always emphasised sustainability and efficiency in the production process,” adds Bryan Tracy, CEO and co-founder of Superbrewed Foods. “Partnering with an industry leader like Döhler accelerates our time to market and allows us to combine our natural fermentation process with Döhler’s impressive bio-manufacturing infrastructure to create novel combinations of functionality and nutritional value in protein ingredients at a competitive cost.”

Further information at superbrewedfood.com

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