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First-of-Its-Kind “The Future of Protein” Report Features 30 Curated Opinions from Alt Protein Experts

TrueInvestor, an international community of investors in the agrifood space, has released The Future of Protein – its first Global Investor Trend Report. Unlike other research reports, The Future of Protein features 30 written contributions from leading experts in the cultivated, fermentation and plant-based fields. Notable excerpts are highlighted here. 

Fermentation is outperforming cultivated meat

“While cultured meat is not going to be realistically viable in less than a decade or two, fermentation is quickly emerging as the true game-changer of the food revolution…It is not unrealistic to conceive a food system where a combination of vertical farming, plant-based meat manufacturing and small fermentation plants…will become an essential element of large food retail institutions.”

-Sebastian Cossia Castaglione, Vegan Capital

True deliciousness is essential 

“True deliciousness must be a core criterion in alternative protein and not an after-thought to be solved once it’s too late. Deliciousness will also be a critical factor for ROI, as after initial curiosity wanes, consumers will return to foods that deeply satisfies them.” 

– Yoni Glickman, PeakBridge

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Latin America is playing major role in animal-free protein

“The Amazon is the largest biome in the world, home to more than 40,000 plant species. There are literally thousands of superfood options with impressive nutritional characteristics. The greatest entrepreneurs and researchers in the region are focused on this [protein] trend. We truly believe that Latin America will lead this innovation.”

– Jose Rodolfo Bernarndoni, Outcast Ventures

The Live Green Co
©The Live Green Co

A rollercoaster ride for plant-based sales

“The main issue is, apart from taste, the nutritional value of many of these plant-based products. The ‘American housewife’, the decision-maker in the American household, has decided that the product is not good enough…How can consumers be convinced to move or return to plant-based products? First and foremost, the products still need to become better from a taste and texture point of view…No, the products do not need to mimic animal protein, but they need to be healthy or even healthier. The biggest challenge is to combine the above into one product that appeals to the consumer.”

– Cyrille Filotte, Rabobank

The full report can be downloaded here



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