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Leading APAC Stakeholders Establish Preferred Terminology for Cultivated Products

GFI APAC and the APAC Society for Cellular Agriculture have joined over 30 leading industry stakeholders in reaching a consensus on the preferred terminology for cultivated products.

To date, numerous terms have been used, including “cultured”, “lab-grown”, and “cell-based”. But now, the organisations have announced a memorandum of understanding establishing “cultivated” as the preferred descriptor.

“This MOU establishes a regional precedent that can be replicated in other markets around the globe”

The agreement was made during a panel on “getting the consumer on board”, which took place at the Singapore International Agri-Food Week. It has been signed by almost every cultivated foods startup in the Asia-Pacific region, along with regional groups such as the Japan Association for Cellular Agriculture and major multinationals Cargill and Thai Union.

Shiok Meats’ cell-grown “shrimp“ dumplings. CREDIT Shiok Meats.jpg
Shiok Meats’ cultivated “shrimp“ dumplings. © Shiok Meats

Sector alignment

GFI has previously published consumer research showing that of all the terms in use, “cultivated” has the most widespread acceptance. Furthermore, the term can be easily translated into other languages.

Following the report, there was a significant shift in the terminology used by companies, with the proportion preferring “cultivated” rising from 37% to 75%. Despite this widespread agreement, the MOU is the first of its kind anywhere in the world.

“Nomenclature and regulatory harmonisation are vital for the long-term success of the cultivated foods industry and this MOU establishes a regional precedent that can be replicated in other markets around the globe,” said APAC Society for Cellular Agriculture President Dr. Sandhya Sriram and Program Manager Peter Yu.

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