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Novozymes Launches New Clean-Label Biosolution for “Perfect Textures” in Plant-Based Meat

Novozymes (NASDAQ OMX: NZYM-B), one of the world’s largest providers of microbial technologies and enzymes, has launched Vertera®ProBite, a new clean-label product that the company claims delivers “perfect textures” in plant-based meat.

The Danish company says that its new biosolution addresses consumers’ concerns about the texture and long ingredient lists of alt meat, ultimately encouraging more people to choose sustainable food options.

Now’s the time to raise the (burger) bar and find perfect textures that consumers will love inside plants

A study conducted by the company shows that 95% of consumers think plant-based meat should improve. According to the 2023 Unmet Needs Discovery Survey by the Plant-Based Food Association, texture is the number one factor dissuading consumers from adopting plant-based alternatives. “Now’s the time to raise the (burger) bar and find perfect textures that consumers will love inside plants,” states Novozymes.

Novozymes has launched Vertera®ProBite, a clean-label texturizer for plant-based meat
© Novozymes

Unlocking the potential of plants

Novozymes’s Vertera®ProBite is said to unlock the potential of plant proteins to effectively elevate the mouthfeel, consistency, and appearance of plant-based meat without relying on binders or texturizers.

The product is an innovation based on an enzyme called MTGase, and the biosolution is “more like a processing aid,” with its technological function realized during the food processing stage. Novozymes explains that enzymes in final products do not require labeling, which is a feature that offers a unique advantage in achieving clean-label products. 

Additionally, with its liquid form, Vertera® ProBite simplifies dosing and ensures safe handling during food production. Its user-friendly format benefits food manufacturers aiming for enhanced efficiency in their operations.

A woman eating a plant-based burger
© Novozymes

A milestone for the plant-based meat sector

Last December, Novozymes and bioscience products Chr. Hansen Holding, both Danish companies, announced plans to merge in Q4 2023. The coalition, reportedly the largest-ever Danish merger, aims to transform the food system and create a climate-neutral society with biological solutions.

“This product launch represents a significant milestone in the plant-based meat sector. Vertera® ProBite has the potential to redefine the consumer experience by improving the texture issue and at the same time enable a more consumer-friendly label. Two areas which are still hindering the widespread adoption of plant-based alternatives,” said Birgitte Schou Borch, head of the plant & food business at Novozymes. 

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