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Steakholder Foods Introduces “Revolutionary” Omakase Beef Morsels

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Steakholder Foods Ltd., which rebranded from MeaTech 3D last month, introduces Omakase Beef Morsels, which it refers to as a “revolutionary, richly marbled structured meat product developed using a unique 3D-printing process”.

Headquartered in Rehovot, Israel and Antwerp, Belgium; Steakholder has recently expanded activities to the US. The company is developing slaughter-free beef, chicken, pork, and seafood products — both as raw materials and whole cuts — with the newest development Omakase Beef Morsels inspired by the marbling standard of Wagyu beef. The company announced two weeks ago it is to begin the development of cultured pork products using a new line of porcine stem cells.

The company’s technology can print the product at scale to include the marbling that Wagyu beef is famous for, and comes as the “result of cutting-edge bio-convergence with intensive collaboration between its 3D-printing engineers and cellular biologists” according to the press release.

Omakase Beef Morsels (Photo credit: Shlomi Arbiv)

We need a metamorphosis. A sea change. A tectonic shift in how meat is sourced and supplied to the world. But we cannot do it alone. That is why we went public, right from the start and became the first Nasdaq-listed cultured meat company.

Steakholder Foods states today that this latest tech development will “likely” position the company at the “frontline of the market once a regulatory road map is established by the Food and Drug Administration.”

“This product marks a major breakthrough for us and for the cultured meat sector in general. It is the result of a lot of hard work and our desire to attain the highest standard of meat possible through bioprinting and cell cultivation processes. It also marks a significant milestone in our quest to perfect the “holy grail” of meat — steak. We see Omakase Beef Morsels at the intersection of food, technology and fine art. We want to inspire chefs around the world to create mouthwatering culinary masterpieces and unforgettable dining experiences,” comments CEO Arik Kaufman.  

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