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US Cellular Agriculture Society Releases Comprehensive Textbook on Cultivated Meat

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The Cellular Agriculture Society (CAS) has released Modern Meat, the world’s first textbook on cultivated meat. 

“Modern Meat aims to pave the way for future courses on cultivated meat, serve as a guide to both newcomers & experts, and bolster cultivated meat’s growing academic sphere across the globe,” reads the textbook.

The first edition of Modern Meat includes the work of over 100 authors ranging from academics to industry leaders, as well as diverse and important voices from the cultivated meat community in 18 countries.

The Cellular Agriculture Society
© Cellular Agriculture Society (CAS)

Advantages of cell ag

Founded by Kristopher Gasteratos in San Francisco, CAS is an international nonprofit working to bring awareness around cellular agriculture and its potential to create animal products using cells instead of animals.

“CellAg will solve intensive animal farming by removing the animal itself”

With an unorthodox leadership structure, outsourcing core projects to a global team of partners, fellows, and industry partners and with members from over 15 countries, CAS’s team works on diverse areas of cell ag. It creates textbooks, children’s books, educational simulations, video productions, design & animation, social science research, language translations, and artificial intelligence/programming-based projects. 

CAS’s advisory board includes Deepika Phakke, former Chief of Staff at Google, Dr. Steven Pinker and Dr. George Church of Harvard Medical School, and many other advisors from Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, and MIT. Its industry partners comprise the majority of active cellular agriculture companies worldwide and collaborate with CAS on educational and visual projects.

CAS' banner
© Cellular Agriculture Society (CAS)

Pioneering cultivated meat

Kristopher Gasteratos and the Cellular Agriculture Society (CAS) have been pioneering the development of cultivated meat since 2020. They created what they say to be the world’s first course on cell-based meat at Stanford. Additionally, they compiled a Harvard & Stanford-profiled article called 90 Reasons to Consider Cellular Agriculture, outlining the issues associated with traditional animal agriculture and the potential advantages of cellular agriculture.

Furthermore, they designed the first cultivated meat facility through Project CMF and wrote this first textbook on cellular agriculture.

“CellAg will solve intensive animal farming by removing the animal itself, producing real animal products like meat, dairy, and eggs from cells instead of livestock,” states CAS on its website.

The textbook is available for download today by visiting

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