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Cellular Agriculture Showcase is Presented by Vevolution, Cult Food Science, & New Harvest

The June Vevolution Cellular Agriculture Showcase Panel will feature leading experts in the cell-ag industry to demystify the feasibility of the future of cellular agriculture and biotech, specifically for the investment community.

Participants at the event will hear from six of the most innovative cell-ag companies in the world. Registration is required for all attendees.

Cellular Agriculture Expert Panel

  • Lejjy Gafour, President of CULT Food Science – Cult Food Science is North America’s first publicly traded platform focused on cell-based foods.
  • Natalie R. Rubio, Ph.D., Cellular Agriculture Scientist, ARK Biotech – Ark is accelerating the cultivated meat revolution through creating industrial scale, affordable, and efficient bioreactors and operating systems.
  • Dawne Skinner, New Harvest Research Fellow – New Harvest is the original nonprofit research institute dedicated to reimagining the way we make animal products—using cells instead of animals. Dawne is a research fellow with New Harvest developing a circular economy computational model for cellular agriculture supply chains.

Startup Fundraising Pitches

  • Paul Bartels, CEO & Founder, Mogale Meat CompanyMeat the Future of Wildlife! Making Healthy and Nutritious Cell-based Game Meat for Africa, and Export, while Conserving Wildlife and Biodiversity.
  • Nikita Michelsen, CEO & Founder, Pearlita Foods – World’s first cultivated oyster and mollusc company. Tasty, full of nutrition and zero contaminants!
  • Owen Ensor, CEO & Founder, Good Dog Food – Good Dog Food is a joint venture between Agronomics and Roslin Technologies creating cultivated dog food.
  • Mihir Pershad, CEO & Co-Founder, Umami Meats – Umami Meats is pioneering cultivated, not caught seafood, crafting delicious, nutritious cultivated fish for endangered, unfarmable species.

  • Rob Schutte, Head of Science, Jellatech – Jellatech is a biotech startup producing cell-based high quality, pure animal-free collagen and gelatin.
  • Katie Kam, PhD, PE CEO & Co-Founder, BioBQ – BioBQ is creating a new generation of BBQ by producing cell-based whole cut BBQ meats, starting with beef brisket.
Erik Amundson, Co-Founder & Managing Director of Vevolution, comments: “Vevolution has facilitated partial round funding into seven cellular agriculture companies in the last 16 months including Opalia, De Novo Dairy, Unicorn Biotechnologies, Fermify, and more. We’re ecstatic to triple down on the future of biotechnology, cellular agriculture, and precision fermentation. Enabling investors, companies, entrepreneurs, and consumers with easy to use technology that brings everyone together is what we at Vevolution are all about. This event is a small example of what is to come to build momentum for a kinder future.

New Harvest is a donor-funded research institute advancing the science behind cultured meat. The company is holding a conference tomorrow, June 10th in New York. New Harvest is currently seeking donations to further its work on advancing the field of Cellular Agriculture, and donations can be made here.
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