• San Francisco: Three-Michelin Star Chef Dominique Crenn to Serve Cell-Cultured Chicken from Upside Foods

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    Cell-cultured meat company UPSIDE Foods has agreed a partnership with three-Michelin-starred chef Dominique Crenn to serve cell-cultured chicken in her world-renowned restaurant, Atelier Crenn. Following regulatory approval, it will be the first time Crenn will serve meat since removing it from her menus in 2018. 

    “When I tasted UPSIDE Chicken for the first time, I thought, this is it!  This is the future of food” – Dominique Crenn

    Crenn – the first female chef in the US to be awarded three Michelin stars – will also provide culinary counsel and recipe development in the new deal. It is the first time UPSIDE Foods has partnered with a chef, as the Californian company approaches commercialization for its cell-cultured chicken. 

    Chicken Salad UPSIDE
    Chicken Salad ©UPSIDE

    Based in Berkeley, UPSIDE Foods recently underwent a rebrand from its former name of Memphis Meats. The brand is hopeful its products will come to market later in 2021, but much depends on regulatory approval. In the US, the USDA and the FDA are working together on a regulatory framework for cell-cultured meat approval. 

    Cell-Cultured Market Entry

    In anticipation of the regulatory approval, UPSIDE has opened a “first-of-its-kind” cultivated meat production facility and plans to partner with additional chefs and restaurants in the US.  Commercial rollouts in grocery stores and markets worldwide will then come next for the Prince Khaled-backed company. 

    “When I tasted UPSIDE Chicken for the first time, I thought, this is it!  This is the future of food. The look, smell, and sear — UPSIDE Chicken is just delicious,” said Dominique Crenn. “People are finally waking up to the downsides of conventional meat production, which led me to remove meat from my menus several years ago.

    Upside Foods
    ©UPSIDE Foods

    Chefs need to lead the way in making more conscious product choices. I am excited to be collaborating with UPSIDE Foods and am looking forward to bringing meat back to Atelier Crenn that is delicious and better for the world.”

    “I have long admired Dominique’s passion for sustainability. She is relentless in her pursuit, without ever compromising on flavor or creativity, and we are honored to have a chef of her caliber join us as we prepare to debut UPSIDE Chicken to the world,” said Uma Valeti, CEO and founder of UPSIDE Foods. “She is a visionary who knows the future of food is about creating and empowering a more sustainable global food system.”

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