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AGRANA Showcases Plant-Based Solutions at Food Ingredients Europe

AGRANA is set to appear at Food Ingredients Europe, a leading trade fair for the food processing sector, to showcase a range of novel solutions for use in plant-based foods.

The global food group has developed products such as nut and coconut-based vegan yogurts and desserts, inspired by the growing trend towards eating nuts as a healthy snack. The yogurts can be made from almonds or cashews, and can optionally be combined with fruit.

AGRANA has also created a plant-based soft-serve ice cream made from rice. The product is naturally low in sugar and high in fibre, and can be used in a standard ice cream machine. Additionally, other types of plant-based ice cream will be on display, as well as an oat-based pannacotta using two types of cornstarch as a gelling agent.


Plant-based beverages

In collaboration with AUSTRIA JUICE — a joint venture between AGRANA and Raiffeisen Ware Austria — various plant-based beverage solutions will be showcased at the event. These include plant-based sports and energy drinks, with some featuring AGRANA’s betaine (an ingredient derived from sugar beets) instead of taurine, a compound found in animal tissues.

Additionally, AUSTRIA JUICE has developed a biological-physical process to reduce the calories and sugar content of pure fruit juice while retaining key nutrients. These juices will also be among the products on display.

Another company planning to showcase its innovations at Food Ingredients Europe is DSM, which has developed vegan flavourings for fish alternatives, solutions for plant-based cheeses, and more.

The trade fair will take place in Paris from December 6-8.

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