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AGRANA Presents Plant-Based Concepts in Alignment with Food Trends at Food Ingredients Europe

Austrian food group AGRANA is showcasing its extensive product range, encompassing fruit preparations, fruit juice concentrates, starch, and sugar, at the Food Ingredients Europe (FiE) event in Frankfurt, a prominent trade fair for the food and beverage industry, taking place from today November 28th to 30th, 2023.

At the FiE event, AGRANA, in partnership with AUSTRIA Juice, a collaborative venture between AGRANA and Raiffeisen Ware Austria, is addressing current dietary and beverage trends. These trends include the growing significance of plant-based concepts like yogurt alternatives and meat substitutes. The event will feature various concepts tailored for yogurt product manufacturers, plant-based yogurt alternatives, and plant-based home cooking solutions.

Noteworthy highlights at the trade fair include ready-made vegan product variations. These comprehensive solutions involve pre-mixing fruit components with plant-based yogurt alternatives, simplifying the production process for food manufacturers. Visitors will have the opportunity to sample a range of products, including a coffee beverage infused with coconut-based guarana, a creamy oat-based dessert with tangerine cake pieces, vegan foam kisses coated in rich chocolate with an exceptionally high fruit content, as well as vegan spreads featuring tuna and curry chicken flavors.

Agrana selection of foods on table

Additionally, AGRANA leverages AUSTRIA Juice’s expertise in flavor development, introducing a novel fruit preparation with plant extracts for yogurts at FiE, featuring the combination of blueberry and lavender. This addition complements a series of aromatic blends, including ginger-lemon-hemp and mate-lemon, among others.

Live Cooking at the Chef’s Table

AGRANA’s starch division, known for its GMO-free and diverse starch products sourced from corn, potatoes, and wheat, introduces innovative dining options at the FiE trade fair. The chef’s table showcases plant-based interpretations of currywurst and meatballs served with mashed potatoes, featuring recipes composed solely of natural ingredients and devoid of methylcellulose. Textured wheat protein, along with cold-swelling corn starch and potato fibers, delivers the desired texture.

Additionally, AGRANA presents gluten-free offerings, where corn starch, rice flour, and potato fiber are the primary constituents in two newly crafted recipes for toast and waffles.

Complementing this, AGRANA’s sugar segment presents a wide array of products, including specialties like powdered sugar, granulated sugar, and yellow sugar, rounding out the company’s presence at the trade fair.

AGRANA soft serve ice cream

Betaine drinks offer endurance and strength

In the sugar segment, AGRANA produces another product, betaine. It is obtained from sugar beet molasses and is characterized by a wide variety of possible uses. Betaine in the diet has a positive effect on water balance and metabolism and thereby promotes physical performance and endurance. In order to demonstrate the positive properties of this natural ingredient, two beverage concepts developed by AGRANA together with AUSTRIA Juice can be tasted at the FiE trade fair stand: on the one hand, an isotonic sports drink with red berry juice and corn starch, and on the other hand, an energy drink with vitamins, caffeine and Betaine, which replaces taurine.

Sports drinks, such as B. isotonic drinks, are one of the trend topics at FiE. These are not only thirst quenchers to counteract fluid loss, but are specifically designed to effectively replenish fluids and nutrients lost during physical activity. The focus of the AUSTRIA Juice recipes is sugar reduction, natural ingredients and nutrient enrichment with electrolytes and carbohydrates.

Further information: agrana.com

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