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Canada’s Third Annual Plant Based Food Week to Showcase Innovation in Plant-Based Sector

Canada is gearing up for its third annual Plant Based Food Week, slated for April 15-29, 2024, a joint initiative by Plant-Based Foods of Canada (PBFC) and Protein Industries Canada. The event is designed to draw attention to the growth, variety, and ecological benefits of plant-based food products.

Studies highlight a growing interest in plant-based products in Canada, with Dalhousie University reporting that one in five Canadians buy plant-based alternatives. Although a large proportion of Canadians may be unwilling to give up meat entirely, as revealed in a recent survey from Sodexo, nearly half of consumers are interested in reducing their intake.

“Plant-based foods represent a new way of eating driven by health, environmental impact, and social justice”

The upcoming Plant Based Food Week seeks to support this trend by motivating Canadians to try more plant-based foods, encouraging the incorporation of plant-based ingredients into regular diets, and promoting experimentation with new dishes or simple modifications to beloved recipes.

Executive Director of PBFC, Leslie Ewing, states, “Not just alternatives to other options on the market, plant-based foods represent a new way of eating driven by health, environmental impact, and social justice. Plant Based Food Week is the perfect opportunity to explore and try the exciting, innovative choices the industry is creating by including them in everyday meals.”

Plant-Based Foods of Canada
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In conjunction with the awareness week, the “Plant Forward” conference will take place from April 16-18 in Toronto. Organized by PBFC, Protein Industries Canada, and Pulse Canada, the event will host international leaders to discuss innovations and strategies for enhancing plant-based food consumption globally. The conference aims to spotlight the role of Canadian companies in shaping a sustainable food landscape and will explore the future prospects of plant-based eating.

Plant-based innovation in Canada

Bill Greuel, CEO of Protein Industries Canada, remarked on the innovations in the sector: “The next generation of plant-based food and ingredients is being developed thanks to the innovative spirit of Canada’s entrepreneurs. Together, they’re creating new products that have the taste and nutritional characteristics Canadian families are looking for.

“Plant Based Food Week celebrates this innovation, putting a spotlight on the new foods and ingredients our Canadian companies are putting on grocery store shelves here and around the world.”

More information on the events and initiatives can be found at Plant Based Food Week’s official website.

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