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Cítrica Eventos Launches in Spain for 100% Vegan Corporate Events

As more and more companies around the globe race to improve sustainability and reduce carbon footprints, Cítrica Eventos has launched in Spain to provide a 100% vegan corporate event service. From workshops and talks to presentations and pop-up shops, the Cítrica agency aims to infuse its events with sustainability and inclusivity, as well as raise awareness. 

Launched by vegan entrepreneur Tamara G. López from Guadalajara, Spain, Cítrica becomes the first agency in the country specializing in 100% vegan corporate events, guaranteeing that all the elements are as sustainable as possible. Using, for example, recycled materials, no single-use plastics, no animal-based food and drink in the catering, and even down to leather in the seats and bird feathers in cushions, Cítrica ensures a vegan experience for its clients.

Cítrica Eventos
Tamara G. López ©Cítrica Eventos

With companies worldwide under pressure to show their sustainability credentials, Cítrica Eventos offers an interesting value proposition. As the role of meat-free diets in the fight against climate change becomes more well known, it is not just companies who are promoting plant-based ideas through events, with world leaders gathering for the recent G7 summit in southern Germany enjoying a plant-forward menu with a focus on sustainability. 

“This means vegan catering but not using materials in the space, such as leather in the seats, bird feathers in cushions, nor hiring companies that use animals as a decorative or entertainment element”, explained Cítrica Eventos founder Tamara G. López to IPMark



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