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Design Jam: Envisioning the Future of Clean Meat

On 9th August this year, the organisers of the Cultured Meat Symposium will host an event named Design Jam: Envisioning the Future of Clean Meat. The event, which will take place in San Francisco, will gather designers, entrepreneurs, and biohackers to discuss the future of food and what it will look like in terms of design.

This event focuses on clean meat, also known as cultured or lab-grown meat, which is derived from cellular technology rather than through the traditional use of animals. “Clean meat could radically change the world in regards to the environment, animal welfare, and health” say the organisers.

6:00PM Doors Open
6:30PM Opening
6:45PM Introduction to Clean Meat
7:00PM Design Jam!
8:30PM Demo
9:00PM Closing

For more information or for tickets, go to the website here.

This Design Jam takes place ahead of the Clean Meat Symposium which will be on 1st November  and will focus on Impact, Future, and Flavor, in relation to cultured meat. CMS18 brings together entrepreneurs, investors, scientists, and industry professionals discussing cellular agriculture topics.


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