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Experts Advise Vegan Families

From July 10th to 16th, an online course on children’s plant-based nutrition will be available to parents. The online event is being organized by Cory Warren, who can be found on Instagram under the name “Lean Green Dad“. Cory Warren, himself a family man, gives tips and inspiration to families who have chosen a plant-based diet. Besides families who are already vegan, any who are interested in transitioning are also welcome. The course will be in English.

In the online course, 30 experts from the vegan industry will offer free tips for a healthy vegan lifestyle. Doctors, researchers, authors and influencers will answer questions from parents about their children’s vegan diet, give advice to pregnant and nursing women and provide information on dietary supplements for vegans. Advice will be given by cardiologist Dr. Joel Kahn, who will give insights into how to raise happy and healthy vegan children. Prominent speakers have also been invited to the event. Among them is the vegan “The Walking Dead” actor Jordan Woods Robinson.

The reason for the online conference is the growing global market for vegan family-oriented goods and services. Amongst the growing number of vegans, there are many parents who would like their offspring to have a vegan lifestyle.



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