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Intrepid Offers Vegan Tours in India, Italy and Thailand

The travel company “Intrepid” arranges vegan travel events worldwide. The itinerary includes all kinds of vegan restaurants where customers can enjoy completely animal-free food. Currently, the tours are offered in Thailand, India and Italy. To achieve this, the company has entered into numerous collaborations with local regional restaurants and hotels, such as the “i pini” in Tuscany.

The service is particularly aimed at travellers who are interested in a vegan diet. But people who otherwise would not be able to enjoy normal restaurant trips due to their dietary requirements are also very welcome.

Intrepid is responding to the increasing demand for alternative travel concepts, including strictly vegan catering. And the potential seems to be there, because a study by “Global DATA” showed that in the United States alone, the number of people who buy vegan products has risen by 600 percent in the last three years. At the same time, the market volume for exclusively plant-based foods in the United States rose to $3.1 billion over the same period.

Due to the rising number of newly founded companies which are specifically aimed at fulfilling the needs of vegans, new and equally creative products are being created which combine nutrition with leisure activities. Travelers can already discover and enjoy what Intrepid has to offer.



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